Noodled !

Once again ... Don't ask ! I just draw these !! To each their own , right ?!! Who am I to judge !! But I'll tell ya this ... This one's not part of my sketchbook so it's an extra piece for the G G Gallery ! Got a few more coming ... Some more noodled than others !

More stuffs tomorrow !


ZAK said...

Haha, wtf she's been doing with her knees? Better you don't tell me.
Awesome stuff buddy.

Uncle Allan said...

Pheew!! Good thing she has a strap on her noodle bowl and headlights so she doesn't spill her noodles when floating on the rooftops!! Safety first!!!
What will happen next Nick??? Show us more!!!

Miss you too buddy!

Hello from the other Asia

(todays codeword is "snonredn")

Flora Amalie said...

Miss you too, noodle perv!

Justin said...

Ummmmm... nice hairstyles!

Jesse Smith said...

Nice one Nick!