Minty freshness !!

Now now ... I know a lot of you out there have been waiting for this moment for the last few months , wondering if it would come at all ... But here it is !! One of these tadoings I've been known to do ... Way back then ... Way back when !!! I haven't quit just yet , let it be known !!!

Now , just so you understand the factual facts of this 4 month tattoolessness ... I had , in deed , planned a wonderful few months break from the said trade when I first moved to Hong Kong in January !!! After a way too heavy load back in Denmark , I was looking forward to forget what tattooing someone was like for at least 2 months !! However , another plan was also in the works ... To help my good Hong Kong buddy "Rodeo Rob" to open his very own tat-a-matic action reaction tattooings master shop , here in beautiful HK ! That obviously ended up taking a bit longer than expected and ended up getting me more like a 4 month break in the end !!! Don't get me wrong I love breaks and could have kept this break busyness going for another 4 months ! But now ... The said spot , finally ready for operations and personally already bearing a local waiting list ... It was finally time , after all , to get back into it !!!!

Here's what the first day (yesterday) ended up looking like !!!! I don't know if you remember the drill so just to refresh your Plog memory .... Here we go !!
Surfing Space Skank in 3D !

Up left , Red for me / Black for buddy Allen !
Down here , 4 hours worth of lines and black rib action >>>>>>

Having never stopped tattooing for that long in the last 13 years , I did think I would have a hard time getting back into it ... But no ! Jumped right in ... Just like riding a rocket ship !!

4 hours is sadly not enough , even on the ribs , to get the TROOPER title (rules are rules) but I would , however , like to give honourable mentions to Mr. Allen here , who not only lasted 4 hours on his ribs without squinting , but also just happened to come on the first day wearing a shirt of the exact same Pantone as the walls ... A colour we picked thinking none else could ever pick !!

And to finish this post of the day's work !
For all the Tattoo doing Plog followers out there ... After being overloaded with work (back in Denmark) , blindly following an endless working routine with no end ... I can't express how important taking long breaks is !!! There's nothing like a few months break to get you back into it , to make you want to try new things , to resource yourself !!! I strongly recommend this to everyone out there who's been following any kind of routine of tattoo work for too long !!! As much as a routine can be comforting to some it is also blinding !! I personally now plan on taking a few months off of tattooing every year ! I owe it to myself , my quality of work and all my tattoo victims !!!

Words of wisdom ... Stay fresh ! More to come .


nic said...


Anonymous said...

Finally! Good work, sweety!

Simon said...

the wait was long but well worth it.. makes me drool when i think about the fact it's actually my turn in June. Ah the possiblites, the galaxies, the universe(ses) that are waiting to be explored and conquered! CAN'T.WAIT!

*start's jumping up and down full with excitement*


Allen said...


art skull tattoo said...

comment on peut le voir le nouveau tat-a-matic action reaction tattooings master shop de hong kong,links ou internet adress ???? enfin si j´ai bien compris !!!!

ZAK said...

Good to have you back, buddy!

Martin said...

Is there a homepage for this new shop in HK?? I'm coming out there for 4 months in a couple of months, and want some new ink! If it's personally approved by mr. nick then I'll have noo worries in my life....!!