Sometimes I'm crazy ...

... Only sometimes and only just a bit !

Ok ok ok !!! Due to the overwhelming demand , to the never ending harassment , I have had no other choice but to concede to your non stopping demands !! So many of you have been writing to me everyday , asking me "Nick Nick !! Please show us what the inside of the Hong Kong Metro looks like ... Please Nick !!" I have had no other choice than to give you what you want !! You asked for it ... Here you go ... What the inside of a HK MTR station looks like ! Some real life factual facts for your brains to chew on !!

Yes ! It's true !

More stuffs tomorrow !! And I do believe that tomorrow might just be a paint the wall day at First Cup !! Let's see what happens then !

Stay fresh !


Raphael said...

Arrêt tsim sha tsui... c'est EXACTEMENT ça!
Plus réaliste que la réalité réelle.

Joshua Thompson said...

Nice cross section. I'm left curious as to why no zombies were harmed in this split though? I'm talking about this for educational purposes of course.

nic said...

Hmmm... green station. I'm guessing either Jordan or Sham Shui Po? ;)

ZAK said...

That's INSANE!

Unknown said...

Love it, that is crazy cool