The Dam !!

-Damn you grenade boy !!!!

Ladies and gentlemen !! Today a bit of history revived and plogged before your eyes !! You see ... I've been working a lot on "the Book" lately and well that means I haven't really had time for doodles and such doodling activities ! So ... Nothing new finished to Plog for the day I'm afraid ! I however , ran into this classic while opening files for said book making ! A real life photo realistic technically exact reproduction of real life events a few years back !! Back , way back when we , at the Conspiracy , used to tattoo during the day and be part of an elite super awesome commando secret strike force at night ! True story ... mhm , Yep !

Here's what it all looked like back in the day !

Tomorrow ... More super secret spy awesome , almost unbelievable yet very true stories plogged for you !!

Stay covert !


igl said...

i remember those days, when the night had 3 eyes and a goat, no wizards or vegetables for breakfast ! hach ..

Flora Amalie said...

Grenade boy... he got what was coming to him in the end!

(Ps. This is hanging on the wall in the drawing room, looking good as ever!)

Commander T said...

You need a updated pic, of the newly reformed special commando spec ops covert unit.. you know who we are... except the new guy... whatever his name is