Pocky town !!

Pocky's a snack ! Perverts !!

Did it ! Done and done !! And I will call this one ... 2A !! That's right ! It was either that or "the hand of gogo" ... Go figure ! Anyways , did manage to line it all in a few hours and get some good shots of this 3 by 3 (that's meters) action scene ! In all honesty though , I'm afraid to say , that this sweet piece of wall painting didn't even actually need most if not any of the lines , today doodled !! But it's hard to control this need I have for the constant outlining of everything !!

I love it and do indeed think this new piece is one of my bestest ever forever walls !! With no further delay ... Here's the next best thing to seeing it in person >>>>>

Minibus racing through the MK !!!

Yall let me know what you think if you get a sec !! Always nice to hear !

No idea what's going on tomorrow !! None whatsoever ! Let's see what's what when's when !!

Rock !


Flora Amalie said...

Whaddayaknow, i have a sec!
And it's totally awesome, love the clouds and the hand, and the color combo.
Good job!

igl said...

and i love this tiny little buses, and the legs, just wonder why the short shorts are covered behind the clouds ???
but very cool work !

Allen said...

Wow!! Nice Wall and this is the master piece~~~

art skull tattoo said...

terrible comme d'hab, mais manque king kong quand même, bon week end a toi !!!!