Drunk rabbit ... In 3D !!

This here 3D rabbit's had a few too many if ya ask me !!

Just a quick hello to all of you , out there , on the interwebs !!

A quick line just to say that yes , I have been a bit lazy lately with the Ploggings ! Been pretty busy trying to finish a bunch of sweet originals and doodles ! Decided to start many at the same time a few days ago and well ... Even though that's the best way for me to finish none at all ! I've been sticking to them and working on all of them at the same time so ... As you might have guessed , none are quite done yet but a few should be done by tomorrow ! So ... Patience , my dear E-friends !! Lots of sweet (and some a tad bit crazy) doodles to come - Starting tomorrow !!! Yep yep ! Fo sho !

Until then , you'll have to visually settle for this little bit of reclamation , "live" from my street ... The MK bar street !

So hang in there out there and I'll be P P Plogging yall tomorrow again with some more of my sketchbook random shapes and colours , freshly squeezed out of my head for your viewing pleasures !!

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johnko said...

Oh, yes... Rebel art!