Pretty in magenta ...

Today's a photo Ploggable day ! That's right ! Still doodling my sketchbook on a regular basis but had to cut it short today cuz well ... Today was indeed , as I had previously believed , a giant doodle day ! Was back at the First Cup coffee shop all day today , layering white and sticking up ... Yes ! More of that sweet looking / major pain in the ass to put up , wallpaper stuff !! Is gonna look sweet , once again , let me tell ya ! Maybe I'm being over optimistic again , but I seriously think I'll be done with this part (2A) of this redecorating project tomorrow night ! So ... Shots of another bar wall tomorrow , shots of a day out in Sheung Wan (Island side of town) with the Canon and a VELVIA 100F/Cross processed , today ! Check it out >>>>>

More rolls to come ... Between finishing doodles ... Big walls ... 3D rabbit surface reclamations ... A contest ... And eventually some Merch figuring !! Oh yeah ! And some tattooing soon too !!

Stay fresh , stay focussed , stay awesome !!!

Plog ya tomorrow !


igl said...

are this real buildings, or just effects from hollywood- filmstudios.
i saw this kind of fx also in the "bladerunner"- movie,.. aahr, with Ford Harrison, and this was nor ..aah, real.
and don´t wear pink sunglasses...aäh ok!?

Anonymous said...

E.P. you are twisting the dagger with these wonderful cityscapes!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy on my behalf!!

Niels Corfitzen