Tchim Saa Tchuey ...

... Just practicing my Cantonese !! Seems as a visual one , that phonetics is the way to go !

Day 2 and got almost all of my local hood figured out ! Tomorrow ... The blocks across Nathan road ! Until then ... Here's the day's doings ... First page in the new Sketchbook ... Book number 9 ! Who knows what wonderful doodles this book will one day hold !?! I can say this though ... Lots and lots of doodling juices flowing !!! Stay tuned for some of that intense doodle action to come !!

Now ... ? Foods and Guinni* with homie Rob !!

*Yes , that's the official plural for Guinness ... Trust me on this one !


Monster Sid said...

i love hongkong so much!
visit my friends at soul tattoo in mong kok please!
they love your artwork dude! ;]

De Hoed said...

Enjoy your time there buddy!
Have fun!

CHOKER said...

Yo Yo Gangsta
Hope to come by in march or maybe april...
Got a new website
Check it out

Stay heavy


jamie holmes said...

Great work.