Me Hood in green !

Good day good day to all !!

Just kinda noticed that there weren't much shots of my hood posted up on the Plog since I've been here ! A few quick ones from all around but not much from outside my door !! Not just to represent but I've had a bunch of friends and Plog lovers from all over asking me what it looked like , to live here in Mong Kok , Hong Kong ! So ... From the rolls I just got back from my new developing wizard ... Here's a few shots from one of the said rolls !! A better look at where I be hanging , and living ! For your viewing pleasures >>> More shots to come but for now >>>>>

Here's a selection from a SENSIA 400 (slide/cross processed) with my baby , the CANON-Eos RG !

Very green indeed !! The 400 Sensia does that when it gets all cross processed and stuff ! I'll be posting a few more from around the Kowloon side asap too ! A SENSIA 200 and 100 to come !! Laced , obviously , with random doodles and diverse acts of related doodlings too !!

Hope ya like !!

P.s. New reclamation to come ... Stay fresh >>>

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Uncle Allan said...

I like da greeeeneee pictures.