MK cool !!

Quick drop !! Just flying by ... Another page from the sketchbook about the everyday Mong Kok life !!

Tomorrow ... More big doodles on walls !! Just a day's worth on a little corner that was originally planned for session one and forgotten about ! Then big doodle break for a week or so !

Stay cool and thanks so much for all the awesome lines you guys dropped !! It's always nice to read them comments !! You guys rock !

P.s. No projector ... Just walking back and forth a lot !
P.p.s. All in good time mister IGL , all in good time !!


Michael Brito said...

so if you ever plan on publishing and selling your sketchbooks, i'll take two...one to look through, the other to do terrible things too.


Sam said...

Super cute! Get some prints made of this, I want one! x