On the other side !

Just a quick shot from the other side of the harbour ... The Hong Kong side of Hong Kong !!

Today was a picture day ... But stay tuned for some doodles , doodles and lots more doodles to come this way !! Been drawing some sweet stuff at my new C.C.H.Q. lately and you might just happen to like them doodles !

Also in the news >>>>>
Yes ! It's true !! The Megabot piece on page 68 of the latest issue of Tattoo Energy (#62) that has the rather skillfully uniformed line "unknown artist" under it is indeed one of mine !! Always super sucks when that happens !! Makes you not want to send these zines any pictures at all !! Thanks , however , to my super spy network for spotting it so quickly and keeping me in the know !

Until the next post ... Homies and homettes , Stay fresh out there ... More Plogging from the fair shores of China very soon !!


Unknown said...


i spotted it was of your babies when i looked thru the mag, and was also shocked to see unkown artist under it...

sucky editors suck

FIVETWO said...

Do you have any proof that this so called "megabot" is truly your work? i mean other than that fact that it looks exactly like what you do?

Is there any proof that theres a god? where do we come from? and why do we make art?

Miss you lots Mr Unknown Artist haha

igl said...


chris, pa,usa said...

yea i saw that who the hell works over there that they don't know your shit