Down the road ...

More shots from the HK !!

Here's roll number two ! Taken just down the road ... On the East side of Nathan road around the general Jordan/Tsim Sha Tsui area !! Just so you know !!

SENSIA 200 / Canon Eos-RG >>>>>>

And yes ! That is indeed the official Dr. Seuss residence in Hong Kong !!

Tomorrow ... I start reclaiming space in a bar !! Have still no idea what I will paint all over that space yet but should come up with something sweet ... No doubt no doubt !! I'll , of course , be taking some shots of the first walls as soon as I'm done for the day tomorrow night !! So expect some cool giant doodles to be Plogged tomorrow or the next day !!


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Anonymous said...

i really really really like the first picture. good work, nick!