Mong kok way !

A few random shots from the hood ...

Sorry about the unploggingness of the last few days but there's just so much to do !!! So so happy to be back here ! To just walk around and hang out with friends all day !!!
But fear not , people of the internets !!!! Drawings have started to appear steadily in the last few days !! In the sketchbook but also on some of the awesomest paper I have ever found !! True story !! Got me a little truck load of the best illustration board available !! Beautiful stuff , let me tell ya !! And since I also got my scanner with me this time ... You won't have to settle for shitty "on the road" pictures of doodles !! No no ... Nothing's too good for you , faithful Plog buddies ! You'll just have to give me time to hook it all up and start scanning the last few days first !! But who knows ... Maybe tomorrow !?

Lovin' it !

Oh ! And before I forget .... Here's my new best friend/flat mate !

Awesome dude to have around !!!

Take it light and keep an eye out on some real pictures and doodles to come !!! Many secret master plans coming through !!!


igl said...

what is that ?.. a rice- cooking- machine ?????????????????????????

juanko said...

A rice cooker always makes a good best friend