In progress !

Paint paint paint the big big wall at the bar , is all I've been doing for the last few days !! Here's a picture of a marketplace down my hood that has absolutely nothing to do with that ... Just to keep your eyes busy , ya know ?!! For the geeks out there , however ( SENSIA 100 cross processed with me beloved CANON Eos-RG) ! But trust me when I say ... That this painting wall busyness I've been working on is the awesomest wall piece I have done so far and you can't wait to see it !!! True story !!! Went all out on this first part of the bar !! Yep ... Wallpaper and fancy paints and all !! Should (I hope) be done tonight so start expecting a shot or 10 tomorrow (maybe) !!

Stay colourful !!


Allen said...

Can't wait to see the shot!!!

igl said...

can u draw dolfins 2 ?