!! WOTW !!

Indeed !! no one would have believed ...

Last Saturday was none other than War Of The Worlds marathon day !! That's right !! Finished work and ran back to the WOTW festival of madness !! The festivities had been planned a while back and everything was ready !!! I was gonna make a mega post about it but looks like my fellow WOTW fanatics have already mucho-covered the event ! So ... Here are a few of my own shots of the tripod burgers of doom event !! That's right ... Tripod burgers indeed ! What other kind of a meal would you have between all this WOTW madness !? So ... Here's how it went ... First off - War of the Worlds the musical by Jeff Wayne "live" (78) >>> Followed by the Tripod burger attack >>> Then the first WOTW movie (53) and finally the last Steven Spielberg version of the said classic (05) !! For a full unhindered coverage of the event check out Yellow Pant's post , the shop post and Allan's post is pretty rad too !!!

Making of .....
Burger-rama goodness !!

"Bows and arrows against the lightning -
-They haven't seen the heat-ray yet !!

More madness in the days to come ... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhm ... You bet !!!

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Monster Sid said...

what a mess!!
the WOTW is comming!
nibiru and the anunnaki race haha!