Is it a bird ... ?

From the office , today ...

Today was a Red Baron day ! We done it all ! Apart from a final touch-up session in about a month or so ... We done it all !! In about 2 and a half hours , none the less !! Been getting faster and faster lately and well ... With the bills I have , it's not a good thing ! But worry not , fateful customers ... It is actually impossible for me to purposefully go slower ! So ... I'll have to book in some more people soon ! Probably on the next 25th when I open December and January for new spots !! Anyways ... Getting sidetracked here !! Here's the Red Baron in action >>>>>>

Forgive the bloody shot , you know how it works !! Better pictures after the touch-up session !!

More tattoo action tomorrow !!

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Simon said...

if i get reeeeeeeeeeeeallly lucky, maybe its my turn. *jumps up and down*