God's tears !

Yesterday was a doodle day ...
... Boy was I ever wrong !!

Got woken up and told otherwise !! I don't do that very often (Booking a friend for a tat-session on an odd day and then not writing it down anywhere) but it has been known to happen ... Just like yesterday , for example !! So ... Hurried to the shop and tat tat tatted the day away !!! My homie Emil from the GBG got a few more hours on his robo pirate leg from way way waaayyyy back !! Here's what that looked like at the end of the day !!

Explosive purple Vs orange/yellow !! Mad combo !!

Good stuff good stuff !! Afterwards ... A session of pints of god's tears was in order !! Yes , the mighty man weeps stout indeed !!

Good one Craig !!

More in a sec >>>>>>>

1 comment:

Emil said...

Thanks for a nice visit in Denmark. The leg hurts but I´m super pleased.