Ratz !

More more and more tattoo action !!

Today's session was with the music lab half sleeve !! Colour was in order and after 3 hours we pretty much almost finished the outer part of the piece !! Musical monsters being tortured for sound !! There's no other way , really !! Trust me ! I wish we could just play an instrument and that the sound it makes would be enough !! I really would ! But sadly ... This is how it truly works ! A sad reminder of mankind's cruelty !! Here's what that all looked like when we got done with the day's session >>>>>>

Marvelous !!!

And yes ... I went a little "liner crazy" with the reflections on the lab dudes glass suit thing and the jars in the back too ! Pretty sweet , if ya ask me !! Anywho ... A good session left in the armpit and then ... I guess a few touch-ups here and there and we're done done !!

Rock !!

Tomorrow ... ? Nothing ! Enough of this tattoo madness ! I'm taking a few days off if ya don't mind !!

Laters skaters !

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Unknown said...

Awesome reflections, love the "tape recorder", sound man as I am....