Jolly good , Well done !

Today was a doodle day !! A good one !

First , the second Yellow Cake sister got done !! So ... The painting part of the painting is done !! That's good cuz I could be early for my deadline ! However , now comes the time to pimp these two radioactive siblings and get them all framed and nice looking and stuff ! That could take a few days and bring me right back into my usual time spot ... A bit behind schedule !! Let's hope not ! So yeah ! Have a look ! Let me know what yall think : Poop - So so - Sweet - rockin' - or totally hella-AAAaaawesome !

Radioactive delight ! Playing with enriched plutonium looks like a dirty job but hey , I guess it's not gonna play with itself !

And then ... And then ... I started a whole lot of other doodles !! True story ... I hope my editor's not reading this post cuz I'm supposed to be book making , not doodling !! Oh well ... I'll post some more in the day's to come but here's one !

mmm ... Girls on bikes !

Later skaters !! Now it's time for some Spaghetti !! That's right ! I've been dreaming of pasta lately so ... I'm off to indulge !!

Ciao !


Monster Sid said...

aaaahhh fuck, dude! you made me hungry!

when you gonna visit HK again?

CraigSA said...

take that plate of pasta, batter it, deep fry it, put an egg or two on top then melt cheese all over it! now that IS a dinner of champions!!!!!