The bush fire...

Finally found a second to sit down and Plog ya something!!

The truth is I've got a bunch of tat-shots for you... Just haven't had a second to post them just yet!! So here's my plan... I'm gonna try to post everyday for the next few days to try to get you up to date with my daily day's doings!!!

Here's a sleeve I started on my buddy Ross from the SC in TST... A fully fledged ALLIANCE member and a great tattooer!! Coming back to me for seconds too after his Safa cricket warrior from last year!! We started this about a month ago... The African bush fire sleeve! Here's round one of the colour!! Have a look!

If my plan works and I manage to post daily tattoos for the next few days, you should see round 2 of this epic sleeve in 2 days!! Ok got to run!!


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