Border Run!

-"There's a dragon in my rice!"

On my way out again as soon as tomorrow morning… Going up North to the capital for about a week!

Haven't been up there in a long long time… Since 2005 and I can't wait to see it again!! It's probably completely different now... Beijing is a city constantly growing and expanding and I remember it kinda looked different at the end of my 3 month trip back in 2005... So I'm expecting a new city!! Beijing is truly one of a kind too with a lot going on and a lot of people to show you the way!! The whole trip is just a quick little fact finding mission but I have also thought about you guys… Mhm… And how you've been so very deprived of sweet day's doings lately! So I decided to bring my travel kit and go say hi to my good buddy YZ and bring you back a few shots, just for you! Yep! That's how I roll!

So expect a few day's doings while I'm outta town and I'll be enjoying some Beijing weather which should be (one can only hope) much more human and not so horribly hot and humid!

More very soon!
Stay awesome!

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Flora Amalie said...

Have fun!!