Yellow sneakers!

Finally a few hours to doodle!! Here's the night's spontaneous doodle for your viewing pleasures! It had been so long since I had the time to doodle! I was about to call it quits for the day, make it back early and catch up on some serious sleeping action but then out of nowhere I decided to stick around, get the paint and the markers out and start sketching! Had no idea what I was going to sketch until she appeared... First draft! And out of nowhere this one came out and got all finished up in one go! Yellow sneakers are pretty cool actually! No 5 inch heals today, sorry... Just yellow sneakers! Oh! And only the most practical way to eat your noodles ever while listening to some sweet tunes with friends!

Hope you like!!

In other not so related yet pretty cool news...

... I just finally got my very own copy of this wonderful "Color Tattoo Art" book and am very impressed to say the least! A very big proportion of the book is full of amazing work from some awesome artists! Even if a bunch of people who I thought had to be in this mega colour book weren't, I did discover a bunch of new ones! If you're still into that tattoo thing and happen to like the colourful stuff... Get this heavy chunk of mega bookness, you'll like it!

Kudos for an awesome job miss Marisa!!


Unknown said...

I love your art! I follow you, see you soon!

maki said...

i love her choice of footwear and appropriate pose for eating noodles!!