22 consecutive years of denial and counting...

The sad reality of the violent and murderous repression of people by their own governments has never been so relevant!

Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the only place in China where you don't get arrested for remembering, we remember how despicable this government has been and those it remorselessly took with it 22 years ago in Tiananmen square!

If you're in Hong Kong tomorrow night, make it to Victoria park and be counted, same as last year and all the years before! Remind them this will not just go away! Remind them we hold them responsible!

For a people to be able to turn the page on such a dark and disgraceful moment in their history, the responsible parties must be held accountable. One day inevitably they will, for no one can escape the truth!


Karo said...

I was totally there in spirit! GREAT BLOG!
Remind them of just what we are capable of, as human beings, damn straight!

nic said...

You know what? These would make badass stickers that you could plaster all over town with

, said...

i love this