Walk a mile in my Sneaker-boots!

Miss Maki, the Mix Master Wok-maestro at work!

Quick news and doodle update for all you image depraved Plog followers out there!! The world is still in motion, never tiring to turn around and bring new possibilities, new ideas and more new good times! My super secret spy work is still keeping me busy most of the time but bear with me while I promise to make it all up to you with an avalanche of awesomeness as soon as I get some extra time!! Until then, if you live in Japan and/or have access to such quality publications as TATTOO BURST, keep an eye open for what I can only imagine to be a sweet interview of moi coming in the next issue, I believe (with pro. photographer shots and all ... Nothing's too good, that's right!))... I'm looking forward to have the said zine in my hands to stare endlessly at the characters wondering what they all say!!

Stay Klassy!

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Jocelyn Tam said...

how are you pick?!