Sneakers in bed?

What can I say... ?

Some people wear their sneakers in bed and that's totally ok! Who are we to judge!! Sometimes the same people like radishes! Really really like radishes and that's ok too!! Whatever floats your boat! I do wonder where all these sneakers are coming from lately though... Could they be the new heels?? Nooooo ... Just a phase, I hope!! But it looks like more sneakers might be coming this way before the designer heels come back... Who are we to judge?!

More exciting news in the days to come!!!

Stay different!


igl said...

nice !!!
I like radishes & sneakers too !
But be carefully Nick, radish is a vegetable, don't touch it !!! ;D

nic said...

oh I LOVE the way you incorporated that building shot... genius! and really dig the grand lisboa poster too... haha.

you gonna put this in the pick ture box?

, said...

Ha! You're silly
This is awesome :)
I like her bum radish...nice touch!

NiMO said...

Dangerous game you're playing, Mr. Nick. You know darn well that those are not radishes - those are turnips! But indeed that's an(-other) amazing drawing by you. If you can tattoo a turnip on my bum, that has a girl tattooed, then all I need is a date for your hopefully very soon trip to CPH...