... Not on purpose, mind you!

I have not forgotten about you, given up on this here Plog and/or been kidnapped by spies from an enemy regime just yet! Terribly sorry for this long e-break but as you might have guessed... Just been crazy busy down here! Had some friends visit and am in the middle of a few super top secret and incredibly mysterious operations that require all my special man of mystery attention! I've got a bit more time now so I'll be able to catch up with some doodles until my spy work clears up! Until then, here are a few news items you might be interested in:

-1: Few new sketches for sale will be posted by the end of next week on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX! Go check them out! I've had a few questions about the originals I last posted and yes more are coming but it might take me a while before I have time and a good enough set-up to start painting big again so A4 is what's up right now!!

-2: The ANALOG COMMANDO is expected to get a whole lot more African Adventure posts in the days to come indeed!!!

-3: The wonderful and packed with very awesome work COLOR TATTOO ART book from Reuss Publishing is out!!!! Go get one!!!!! No really! There are a hundred tattoo books out there and most if not all of them are pretty 50/50 on the actual quality of the work inside! It's true... You know it is!! Don't say it's not!! This book here however seems to be well above the norm when it comes to quality content!!! Just looking at the preview I discovered a few new people out there! So if you like the Colour ways... Check this book out!!!

-4: Water boarding is out, Nyan cat is in: Guantanamo Detention Camp C.O.


More More More tomorrow!!


Flora Amalie said...

Guantanamo would be a walk in the park for me, i listen to more retarded stuff voluntarily... the cat rules!

Ps. I love you and miss you tons already!!

Godknows Jonathan, M.B.E said...

jussus my bru..... that's not lekker!