Yellow Fevers ...

Day's doings 'tis !!

Here's what happened today at the office... A new session on the ROCK sleeve was well overdue!
So we spent the day finishing up the room (bottom half part) but avoiding the album covers to save them for another day ... Well I kind of cheated and couldn't resist a few ... Here it is at the end of the day!

Then the Doc dropped by to show how well his thinking hat had healed up ... Here's the day's shot!

Well ... Really wish I had just a bit of extra time to Plog some more but I just don't so ... Hopefully soon!

Take care and have fun out there ... Tomorrow's a special day!!


nic said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...

looking forward to seeing you in a few months buddy!

ZAK said...

Dude, the details on that sleeve are OFF THE CHAIN!!!