In the spirit of things ...

Hope everyone got all the presents they deserved and/or wanted specially the really big and expensive ones!!

On my way back out again tomorrow from my Capital and all the way back to the Viking countryside and back at the office for a last run of office work before I skip town, Europe all together for a while!!

Dates are not a 100% yet but should be leaving KBH around the 24th of january and Europe around the 26th!

Until then ... Much work is still left for me so you can expect a good last batch of tattoo madness before I take my yearly few months break again!

Until then ... I've managed to close the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX again! Should re-open as soon as I get back to wonderful Hong Kong and find a few things to put on it around April!

I've also managed to find just enough time to post 3 new delicious picture posts on the ever so awesome ANCOM! If you're into Ireland and analog positive slide photography ... Go have a look or two!

Plog ya right back from the other side!!
Take it light!


ian said...

Can't wait man! Hong Kong bound once again!

Michelle Hilden said...

a little late happy Christmas, i will miss you in the new year!