These things happen sometimes ... It just sucks to get a no-show on a schedule as tight as mine right now!!! So shame on you, No-show of today!! Shame on you!!

In other news... I finally did it! I finally got rid of my Myspace space!! Final-fuckin-ly !
So from now on... You won't be able to find me there anymore ever again ever! I said farewell to my very close and personal 3000+ friends and shut the damn thing down! I haven't replaced it by a Facebook either so ... If you wanna e-network with me, find out what I'm up to and all that stuff, from now on, it'll be here!! On the ELECTRIC PLOG, On the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX and on the ANCOM!

Feels great! You should try it too!

Some sweet doings of the day tomorrow for I doubt I will get two No-Shows in a row!!
Stay present!


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