The Smith account

Here we go for yet another express post of the day's doings!!

Wish I had more time to write more but I'm afraid I'm in a hurry again... So with no further delay... Here's the day's doings! Is he falling? Is he flying?? Did he just notice that the banking corporation he works for has been taking in bad loans on purpose to boost their quarters outlook and then completely crashed when these bad loans started knocking back plunging the said banking corporation into bankruptcy needing government bailout money from tax payers to not collapse and then used that money to give big ass bonuses to their board of directors ?? Who knows but he looks happy so whatever he's up to ... He looks like he's doing good!

Glorious "one-shot" if ya ask me !!

More day's doings tomorrow... Until then, if you're falling, even if you can't afford a golden parachute, you can still get a normal parachute... They work just fine!!


Uncle Allan said...

but...but...but how does it work and what does it look like from above? ...or underneath for that matter? Is the foot crooked or is there something wrong with my screen? Ohhh if only I had a 3d version of this tattoo or at least a picture with red and black lines to show me how it is done. If only!

Marielle said...

how about when the parachute doesn't open?

Goodluck Jonathan said...

the board of directors at the nigerian central bank would prefer if u did not discuss the Smith account in public... thanks.