Sweet cheeks

Today's day's doings ... Aka, More butt tattoos!

Nothing wrong with that! Nothing at all!! Here's what happened today at the office...
Another delightful "one-shot" was in order! Awesome ... Have I previously mentioned how much I love "one-shots"? Well I do!! But enough about that and more about this! This panty-less young lady just happened to be riding her can-a-tron 2000 around and couldn't help but try the awesome can-a-gun she had just installed !! Complete with custom paint mixing devices and rapid can fire action! Check it out! P.s. The background is actually flat bright yellow ... Not bloody orange!


And once again ... 5 hours later!

Awesome-o ! I got to get me one of them Can-o-trons !!!

Stay tuned for more day's doings action tomorrow and well... Who knows ... Maybe some more butt tattoos!! Who couldn't agree with that?! Right !? Ok ... Glad we're all on the same page with that!

Later pervs !

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Ben Newman said...

You're really knocking out some belters at the minute!