Tattoos, tattoos, tattoos ...

... And then some ... All I've been doing lately !! Starting to have a hard time with the no-drawing time thing !! So ... Tomorrow is my self-declared-emergency-drawing-day !! And there's nothing, anybody, can do about it !!

However ... Quite happy about this one !! The return of the spies !! They have been missed ... And they're back with a vengeance !! This one , fresh out of the Conspiracy oven ... Is the commie panda interceptor ! Watch out capitalist-spy-planes ... Collect them all !

And yeah ... I know ... I'm a bit late on the site update but for my defence ... There's just so much new stuff to put in there !! Keep an eye out ... Should be ready some time soon !!



Julia Seizure said...

that is awwwwwwwwesome.
10 points

Rachel Loubser said...

I cannot believe how insane your work is!!!! A guy came into the deli I work in and I was blown away by him sleeve! He told me to check you out!!! So impressed.!!!!