Double deck'n trams ...

Got my whole routine figured out !! Got my Octopus pass , found out my favourite ferry ride to the Kowloon side of town , my newspaper lady and my morning coffee homie ! I will give my official verdict in two weeks , when I leave , but up to now ... I must say ... For the award of most bestest awesomest city in the world ( that I know of ) ... Hong Kong is looking good and effortlessly working it's way up there !!!

Here's a few shots from the Temple street night market from last night .... Awesomest pile of most awesomest crap for sale I have ever seen !!!!!!!! Will spend every extra penny I have left after this trip there !!

In other news... I finally got to check out my mondo 12 page piece in the last issue of ITA ... Truth is , it was written two years ago but I'm pretty damn happy about it !! Also just got the news that my SkinDeep piece will be out in the April issue ( on sale in February for some reason ) !! That will be my most up to date one ( picture wise and the article was writen only a few months ago ) ... Pretty happy about that too !!

I'm off to the mondo comic book shop !

Laterz ...

PT-12 !!!

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