SKorea >>>> HK and a countdown !

Farewell Korea ... Tomorrow I leave for HK and I had a great time here !! It was a bit surreal at times ... A lot of firsts ... Like seeing two friends get married , tasting the local culture in a way I couldn't have by myself and most importantly realizing I have to come down here more often ... The real Asia is a good place to hang !!!

A few nice pictures and a bit of drawings got done today ... I'll upload it all in a few days when I get settled in in Hong Kong ! Also ... Just so you know , I had planed a last update for 2007 on the web-site and ... Well ... I forgot most of it back home in KBH so ... It'll have to wait for when I get back !

Enjoy the first day of the year and please ... Don't make any resolutions this time !

PT-Going on 14 !!


Anonymous said...

I made a resolution; quit smoking, start working out, stop swearing and eating candy, drink less beer and coffee and more green tea, return e-mails and textmessages even though they're completely redundant, help starving children in Africa and so on and so on.

AND, here's the best part of the resoultion; break each and every boring promise before January 7 th!

Needless to say; Mission accomplished! You would've been SOOOOO proud of me yesterday when I kept/broke my promises!

I MISS YOU, you Canadian cookiedelights! Two more fridays indeed..

TsT Headquarters said...

Bonne Année Pick !!! Lâche pas la patate !!! See ya next summer !!!

Nicklasss TsT