Robot spiders ...

... And assault rifles at the toy fair !!
The toy fair actually blew !! All corporate big company suites and tie kind of lame ass toy fair ... So we busted their system ( Electric Pick toy design company inc. ) to get in and then just wanted to leave !! So to bring the group morale up ... We all went to the huge toy malls ( 2 of them each with about 4 or 5 floors of tons off mini shops filled with pure toy madness ) ... You can't really understand this until you see it !! But enough about toys ... Here's a monkey !!

First of the year and made in HK !!! I like this one !!!!

PT-9 !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh look at the monkey!!! Look at the monkey!!! It does not make sense!!

Miss you buddy!! Love the monkey!! Goooood stuff!!!