Robots and bunnies ...

Hurra !! Got my box of crap from HK today !! Had to pay commercial duty tax and stuff and stuff on a box I sent to myself ... But they thought it was way to much crap to have for one's self , therefor , I most probably had some commercial intent with the contents of the said package ... so ... "Pay up sucker" they said in postal language ... And I did !

But in other news ... The new YRB magazine ( Art issue ) just came out of the printers and is good to grab !! In it , you will find , a full double page spread I did for them ( that looks pretty good I might add ) ! If , for some strange reason , you don't live in Manhattan ... Check it out on their site ... Scroll down the little art scroll thingy and you should find it ! Let me know what you think !

Also ... Just opened GBG ! So anyone interested , let me know ... From the 23rd of March till the 30th ! This time we book with me and I have 7 spots available and they should all be taken in a few days so ... Talk to me !

See ya !

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