Golden parachute news...

It's been rough let me tell ya…

Yep yep! Really feeling the pinch nowadays! Let's just say it's been pretty rough indeed! Super bummed I had to cancel my NAmerican trip and then Christmas altogether and then a week in London too… Hopefully all these extra, non expected administration costs that have crippled me so have all not been in vain… One can only hope!!

Copenhagen dates remain unchanged and the Earth would have to crack in two or the dead would have to rise again for me not to make it over (and even still! Cuz like I have a perfect step by step plan of exactly what to do in such unfortunate circumstances! And so should you!!) So if you're one of these Euro-booked, don't sweat it! I've even added an extra week with extra room for extra bookings (Till the 6th now).

Apart from these financial hardships and other bummers, having to cancel all these awesome plans abroad means I'll be home in Hong Kong for a bit longer!! And since this was not previously planned… I find my self with a big fat (phat) empty month!! Hint hint! Anybody want anything in December?? Let me know soon cuz I'd love to start some new stuff for a change and all the continuation work might fill up this calendar quicker than slower!

Also just finished the big update on the EPTB! Go check it out if you have nothing better to do!

And expect some of that Tat-posting you long for as soon as tomorrow! Yep! You bet!!

Hope you guys are doing good out there!
Hang on to something stable and try not to pick-up smoking in these next few crucial weeks of Christmas buying frenzy and capitalistic stress madness!!!

I miss you!
Yeah! All of you!!


Goodluck Jonathan III said...

Da next AGM for Makoko Oil Inc is goin to be in londo' my broda, in da week of new year's? how will i explain yo' absence to da oda broda's an' investa's? Da company wanna discuss big plans for da future of da company. Da oda black gold, da one from ireland, is gonna flow like da river an' we need yo' help!!

Flora Amalie said...

I just ordered gloves for you! That means you're coming soon! Yay! (Sorry about all the other stuff, just hang in there and we'll cheer you up)