Mandy Mohawk Vs the Law

Mandy Mohawk doesn't care about the constitution or the bill of law
Mandy Mohawk doesn't care about the governor or the reach of the sherif's hand

Mandy Mohawk only cares about her forest and its fauna
and no one hunts on Mandy Mohawk's land.

Yeah yeah… I know!! I thought I was done with these "Indian" chicks too… But this one just came out of nowhere!! So I guess I wasn't done just yet!

It's really nice to be painting again after way too long!!! Nothing like it!

I've reopened the EPTB yesterday but give me a few more days to update the new "framed" shots and put in some new stuff in there too!!

More tomorrow!!!!


Uncle Allan said...

don't be done with the indian chicks!

Keiko Fox said...

I'm glad you're not done with the Indian chicks! awesomeness!

Mich said...

Hey Can i book a Day of pain in CPH.