I'm very sorry to have to announce that I have no other choice but to cancel my NAmerican trip!

I'm truly sorry and have tried everything not too cancel but I really have no other choice than to push back this trip until next year! I wish I could say it's because of a very important international spy mission or such mysterious doings but the truth is, I just can't afford it! Even though I was happily surprised of the number of e-mails from people interested in getting some work done Stateside, when came time to drop some deposits I had to fight for months and still haven't even secured half of them! I can't give you guys a hard time, I truly know how hard it's been financially in NAmerica in the last few years! All my friends tell me about it and I do read the news! But yeah, After an impressive amount of unexpected hefty bills at home and the prospect of a very grim American working calendar, I can't even get the flights! I really have no other choice!

I hope you can all forgive me and give me a bit more time, till next year to save up and take that risk of going to America and not working as much as I'd want to!

Anyone personally concerned by this calendar change has received a personal e-mail!

Terribly sorry!

All Euro-dates remain unchanged and I will resume answering those mails in the days to come!

Write to me if you have any questions: pick@electricpick.com

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