No, I have not been kidnapped by government agents bent on doing everything they can to hide the truth about a possible zombie outbreak! Not yet at least! I've just been running around taking care of so many interesting things!!! Awesome things are happening these days! Not only just in the ever growing world of projects I'm entrapped in but also some big big things! The same big things that have kept me from freely Plogging for the last 7 months! Big news is on the way… I can smell it! I'll just cross my fingers and hope it's good!! As soon as I know for sure how this oh so mysterious operation that has lasted 7 months is going… You can be sure to know the very same day!!!

But apart from all these vague and secretive happenings… Here's some more interesting news…

-Still haven't found time to fix up the new EPTB but am actively working on working on it as soon as I can!! There are a few more pieces for sale and most of the stuff from this year got framed and therefore just a bit more expensive! But only just a bit… This is China after all!! Absolutely beautiful handmade craftsmanship for the price of a Copenhagen coffee!

I should manage to update it all by the weekend!

-I haven't had a second to myself and have had no choice but to skim through and answer only the most urgent e-mails in like almost a month! So be patient!! It is now my first web-priority (after this Plog) to go back and continue to answer every single e-mail!! Also should start finishing up the Copenhagen bookings at the same time!! So just a few more days here guys!!! I really appreciate your patience!!

-Am expecting to have a few days at the end of the month to sit down and unload all the shots I never got the post on the ANCOM! A big bunch of awesome shots from my adventures all over the world!!!

More regular postings in the days to come!!!!

Until then… Stay awesome!

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Flora Amalie said...

Mmmmm, air noodles...