You can't fight in here!! This is the War room!

And finally ... I give you ... Part 3 ... The final European session/"One-shot" , day's doings session of the year!!!

After the blast!!

-As the people around us started disappearing, the mutants started to get more and more numerous. In huge numbers, they roamed the streets in search of the non-inffected, in search of us! Like a plague, their numbers quickly overtook us and before we knew it we were doomed! The suits that had survived the initial blasts from the doomsday machine could say what they wanted, the truth is that they had no idea what they had just done, what they had just unleashed upon the world! Left to ourselves, it quickly became everyone for themselves and our daily survival quickly became a constant struggle! Very few where going to make it another day! Only the toughest had a chance!!


The final shots!

Awesome!! I hope you guys out there are all ready for when the time comes!!

In other news, stop crying ... I just caught Ebola yesterday from Yellow Pants and I'm not crying, now am I! No I'm not! Well just a bit ... Blood actually... But that's the Ebola not cuz I'm sad!! So stop crying!!

More Ploggables tomorrow!! But if you're one of those who only want to see tattoos here ... I'm afraid you won't find any on this fine Plog until April!!

Stay free !!!


Commando T said...

Yes Nick, i saw the details this time. Very nice

Ben Newman said...


john cheetham said...

guns over horses every time

Ronald said...

Thats wicked! That leg is really hairy.. when the hair grows back, does that mess up the tattoo? What if he decides to laser-hair-remove lateron, would that affect the tat?


Anonymous said...

Yeah Mutants! The best beside zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold Fast Ron

Emil Edge said...

awesome! that weapon is truly the best piece for this kind of environment, chainsaw bayonet is a must to kill them mutants up close.