Der 3D Hase und die Jägerin

As promised ... Ladies and gentlemen ... Part 1 of 3 of this day's doings catch-up Plog party !!

Last Thursday's workings, another wonderful "one-shot"! All the way from the black forest she came, she sat and she conquered the pain of my evil torturing devices ... Here's what it all looked like>>>

Red/Black ... Not forgotten this time!

And the final!

After a lifetime dedicated to hunting the most dangerous of preys, from the Kilimanjaro saber tooth monkeys of Tanzania to the laser eyed elephant sharks of the sub Antarctic continent, this veteran hunter had decided to risk it all, go for the ultimate thrill and engage in the most dangerous of hunts (more than humans, yes) ... The hunt for the 3D rabbit!!

We all wish her the very best even though we very well know that the odds are sadly pitched against her!

Good luck young Jägerin !!

More awesomeness tomorrow!


Marielle said...

ahah apres la peau d'ours, la peau de tigre?
magnifique, comme toujours!

LAWLESS said...

Unreal mate. I need some more ink off you badly. When are you back in MOnty?? If you do pop in , you always have a place to stay and an office to work out of if needed!

Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...


john cheetham said...

Love this Nick