How refreshing

Getting ready...

After 6 months in Copenhagentown, I'm slowly but surely getting ready to get back on the road again! Monday to be precise! But I must tell you now, dearest Plog followers of the interwebs, that this won't be a direct Copenhagen/Hong Kong flight! No sir (and/or mam)! My super secret, man of mystery, awesome spymaster skills are once again needed! I'm afraid that I will have to make a little detour for the sake of the free world and be going back to Hong Kong the long way! This mission impossible has been planned for a while now but just recently got the go ahead so ... If you like adventure ... Exotic locations ... Action packed and terribly intriguing situations, Check back here soon for more exciting details!! All I can say for now is that my next stop out of Denmark will be Antwerp! Diamond capital of the world! OOooooooo ... How terribly exciting!! Well ... Not yet ... Antwerp is not that exciting actually ... More soon!

Until then ... I still got loads of stuff to do before I leave so might not be super regular here for the next few days!! However, a few well deserved real days off will be enjoyed once in Belgium and that means that I might finally be able to get back into this doodle thing I do!! Can't wait!!

Here are a few cold hard facts:

-Copenhagen till Monday -FACT

-Antwerp till next Saturday -FACT

-My trip to Hong Kong might take me a few months -FACT

-No Mum, I do not actually really have Ebola or any such horrid diseases, I assure you! -FACT

-Don't ever slap a Tunisian fruit vender!! The consequences are cataclysmic!! -FACT

-The Danish Customs/Post office services are run by despicable individuals, undead carcasses in suits, animated by forces beyond our understanding of the despicable whose deranged and absolutely soulless actions, dictated inevitably by none other than Satan himself, have no other purpose than to create hate and misery! Minions of the dark forces indeed! The kind that would steal 25% of a starving Ethiopian child's monthly meal with no remorse, push a granny down the stairs for a laugh, kill a baby whale for entertainment! It's true! If you know one of them, hit them! If you don't know why, they will! -FACT*

*Yes those are all facts! I also heard of a rumour that their insides where made of sand but although very plosible, I can't write anything down that has not officially been confirmed and completely factual!

Stay safe


CoreyGirl said...

If you have not been before, go to Da Giovanni's in Antwerp. Order the quattro formagio pasta. It's simply to die for. If you're a cheese fan that is.. (and let's face it, if you're not then there might just be something wrong with you..) the bread and sundried tomato butter they serve while you wait also rules.

mephisto said...

Speaking of facts... I always wondered what it takes to be a mix master. is there a list of qualifications, or is that a title you can bestow upon yourself?