The Bank Lobster and the eve of battle!

On the year of our lord 2011...

Firstly ... The day's doings, behold!
Now I've had a few photo-less workings and busy un-posted days since I've been back from the motherland... Just not enough time and so on! But here I am today with a few extra minutes to post the day's doings, the year's first!! A lobster (why not) but not just any lobster you see... A corporate investment and financial solutions banker lobster, absolutely (small claws to count the pennies cuz it's with pennies that you make pounds and well, if it don't make dollars... It don't make cents!)!!


A few hours later >>>

Deep investment is a punctual business you should know and tea time is the only break time!
More of these day's tat-doings AAAaaaallllllll week ! True story!

-However ... Also in the news of the day ...

Today, our friend, our brother in arms, our house German has left us for a very specific quest!

For our beloved friend has departed from the Denmarkian kingdom, on this very day, for the barren tundra gripped desolated lands of northern Sweden. His most honourable of quests, to free the good people of the forgotten hamlet of Luleå from the iron and morbid grip of the Cyclops king of Swedonia, dark lord of the sub-arctic underworlds and subject only to Satan himself!

We, here at the Conspiracy inc, his customers and friends, his loved ones and family, wish him all nothing but success (anything else would simply be unacceptable) in his most honourable yet unthinkable of quests.

Eckel benefits from:

20 Endurance
20 Strength
20 Speed

He also however benefits from:
a +10 Speed bonus from his fixie steed
and a +20 Health bonus for being a vegan ...

Godspeed young Eckel... Godspeed!


Flora Amalie said...

Thank god he has vegan power, otherwise he wouldn't stand a chance against the cyclops king of Swedonia (*shakes fist towards North*)

Uncle Allan said...

Brave brave sir Eckel. He rode to the frozen hills of Swedonia to save the people. Brave brave sir Eckel

CoreyGirl said...

Bravely ran away away! Oh brave Sir Eckel!..

Oops.. Wrong song.. Sorry!