We are the sex B-Bombs and we're here to make you think about death and get you all sad and stuff !!

Part 2... As previously promised on these fine e-pages...

Last Friday's day's doings!!

We done finished the circus sleeve but it was truly impossible to take a good shot of it so ... Since we had just added this little bit, you get the last session! A patch inside the arm! The green moth to be exact! Here's what it looked like at the end of the day!

Insects are fun to tattoo! Might do more in the future!!

Stay tuned for the final day's doings of the last 6 months, tomorrow! Another glorious "one-shot" and a great one at it too!

Until then ... Here are a bit more Ploggings >>>>

Now, everyday, everyone complains and are all like -"Oh Nick ... Stop hurting me already!" and now that I'm done and ready to move out of town, everyone is complaining and all like -"Oh Nick ... When will you hurt me again??"

Yesterday was my last day at the Conspiracy inc. it's true! Until I left for Hong Kong, last year, I had been "living" here for 3 years! The longest I have been permanently based anywhere since I left to go at it on my own! I have been coming back and forth to Copenhagen for far longer than that actually! I first landed in Copenhagen in 2002! Was just passing through, back then, but I guess I ended up coming back again... And again... And again!

I have many not so flattering things to say about the rainy island kingdom of Denmarkia after so long but many great things too, I have to admit! One of which, the most important actually, is that over the years I have spent here I have made some truly amazing friends here! The kind that are forever! The kind that even if they give you Ebola, you have to forgive because you've been through a lot over many years and you just know that no matter how far you end up... You'll always have them! That's what I leave Denmark with, that what my bounty truly is! A big pile of awesome people that will always be a part of my life wherever I end up! So if I've managed to learn anything ever in this whole living life thing, it's that it's things like that and nothing else that truly matter! So even if I now find myself in love with another city, another world that I just need to be a part of! My past, my adventures and above everything, my friends are things I'll never turn my back on and give back the world to! So if one thing is for sure it's that I'll always be back to Copenhagen, every year in fact! And like I told the immigration & customs department when I first landed here in 2002 "Dude you're gonna have a hard time getting rid of me! No really" !

So good people of Copenhagentown ... Expect to always have me be a part of this corner of the world! I'll always be back! I'll always be a part of it! Yesterday was not my last day at the Conspiracy, it was my last day this year! I'll never have a last day at the Conspiracy inc. in Copenhagen Denmark! Let it be known!

So don't be sad... I'll be back before you know it to hurt you some more and then, sooner than you'd thought you'll be all like -"Oh Nick ... Stop hurting me already!"

Stay fresh!
Much more to Plog in the days to come before I'm out a town on Monday!


Commando T said...

Wow... just wow.
Great words, straight from the heart. Gay heart, but still a warm fuzzy feeling cant help to creep up on you, when reading your heartfelt "dear john" letter.


Did you cry?

ZAK said...

Oh man. Hopefully our paths will cross at some point some where. Keep it cool buddy and don't be surprised if you get a visit in Honkey Kong!!!

Flora Amalie said...

I did. I cried blood. Cause I have Ebola, and so do you. Because I gave it to you.

Michelle Hilden said...

Awwweeeeeee, single tear sliding sown my cheek :0)
Can't wait for you to hurt me again!!!