All is good in the English Kingdom's capital tonight!!

Been on the move quite a lot lately and it's nice to be able to put my bags down for a few days and check out the town . This town has a hell of a lot of stuff to check out too . My list of musts will have to be halved if I want it to be realistic at all . And I also do have quite a lot of work related stuffs to do while around here as well . Let's see what I can manage ...

First pub to hit !!

Also in the last week's news >>>>

-I finally managed to find a good spot for some interwebs connection action so I'll finally have time to start answering the incredible load of e-mails that have accumulated in my inbox !! Thanks for your patience (that's for the patient ones, not the newbies who send the same e-mail everyday until I answer them !!!!! Hell of a way to try to squeeze yourself into a closed waiting list !!!!) Sorry ... Had to vent that !

-My spy schedule while I'm on this super covert mission , does allow me extra time which I have (a long time ago) already booked up with too much stuff !! But basically , you can expect some sweet illustration work and yes , a bit of Tattoo action as well , in the days to come !! True story .

-And finally ... Was too busy being stuck in horrible internet land to go on and on about this awesome event but apparently the Hope gallery's "Peep show" art show opening was a success and my 4 pieces made it (Almost intact) just in time (barely) ! If you happen to have made it to the opening > Awesome !! If not however , the show's still running for a bit longer !! Go check it out !!

More Ploggables asap !

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