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Yesterday's tattin'

Part two of the Rapunzel sleeve and first session of colour !! Here's what we managed to get done yesterday >>>

More in about a month !!

In other news ...

I'm afraid I just got the call from SitCen and am inevitably back on my way out tomorrow morning !! I have no idea how long I'll be gone exactly and where this will end up taking me either ! I will also only get briefed on arrival at "station D" so I'll Plog what I can when I find out myself ! But one thing is for sure , the super secret clandestine spy Operation , code named "Drekar" is in full effect and as usual ... The free world can sleep easy tonight and blindly depend on my super spy services !! Fosho !!

For now ... Destination Ibernia !

Wish me luck !

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Michelle Hilden said...

hmmmm, trying to figure out where you are going, but i am drwaing a blank