ok ok ok ... Here I am !

Managed to squeeze in a few seconds to P P Plog !
Here's yesterday's tat-zzzzaaappin' action !! This mechanic man is a one man party army !! If you're into the non-stop , mix master action reaction , spin machine party mode ... This animal is your best friend !!!

Check it out !
Red/Black >>>>

And all finished and stuff >>>>

Sweet tunes !
More tat action posted tomorrow ! Fosho !

Until then ... Here's the news of the day >>>>

-If you happen to be living in and/or around New Haven , go check this sweet show out !! I just sent 4 brand new , never before seen sweet peep action pieces State side a few hours ago !!! Too bad I can't be there "live" , once again but you should definitely go check it out if you can !

Plog yall later ... Got to run !


Uncle Allan said...

good job skipper!!
Too bad there is soooo many pictures of the tattoo!! Pheeew tooo many to look at, ya know? Where do I start to look and do I stay or move on to the next pictrure...and is that the same or something new...too much i think


It's so you can make a 3D model out of it ... Ya know? So you can show your friends a life size model of your tattoo ! I think it's brilliant ... It's the future ya know ! In the future , everyone will have 3D models of their tattoos !! Fosho !

Monster Sid said...

i guess its hard to read polish on my blog ;)
i may translate it, if you wish :)

tnx for comment!
regards sir! ;)