That winter chick

Today's tattooings ... Plogged for you today !!

The day's session was dedicated to almost finishing an classic sleeve ! One from 2008 ! One more round to go early next month and this 4 seasons sleeve will be done and done !!!

Here's what it all looked like at the end of the day >>>>>

Cold fox !!

In the day's news >>>>

For all of you photo geeks out there who are in Cologne right now ... Have a great weekend !!

For all of you tattoo geeks out there who happen to be in London at the moment ... Have a great weekend !!

For all of you Plog geeks out there who just happen to be at home checking the interwebs tonight ... Check this out >>>>
Number 4 on my personal top 5 most bestest forever and ever bestest movie car chases of the universe ... I give you ... A more contemporary one however still a classic !!!

Sadly though ... I'm sorry to say that the very good Blues Brothers car chase , however much an awesome chase indeed , is sadly not in my top 5 ! It definitely gets honourable mentions though !

Keep your eyes on the road and Plog ya right back tomorrow with more of that tattoo action !


ROB KELLY said...

yes!!! i was thinking about your chases last night, and was hoping you wouldnt be stupid enough to exclude this one. my pick for #1.... ill give you a hint...gene hackman!

igl said...

It is rumored, that traffic is really dangerous in Paris !