Spirit of the forest

Another A3 fresh out of the EP oven of shapes and colours !! I think I really like this one too ! Let me know what yall think about this last piece !!

Until then ... I decided I liked the gold background Mong Kok chick (the one with legs up to her neck) and was gonna leave her just the way she was ! So expect some new framed up goodness on my wall (and on the EPTB) very soon !! And maybe some from Hong Kong too ! Most of what I managed to doodle back then ended up being sketchbook pages but I do have a few unsold loose doodles left ... They deserve to be framed too I think !!

In other news >>>

- The Vampire chick has arrived safely to her new home in the Netherlands !! Pictures soon !

-And nope ! Ladies and gentlemen , this rotary business is not for me !! They work absolutely great and definitely have the torque needed (and more) but I miss the speed ! The "quicker comer backer" in Nick lingo ! And since you can't really adjust them ... I'm still on the lookout for a second machine I'm afraid ! Don't let this stop you though ! They are fantastic machines and should be appreciated by most tattoo artists !

-And absolutely , dear Anonymous they sure are !

Do what you do the way you like to do it and never let the MAN tell ya any different !


Unknown said...

fantastic doodle, then! do you care to reveal the technical stuff, such as paint methods and shit?
i would much aprecciate, please :D

Flora Amalie said...

Well, i think we all know how i feel about this one

ZAK said...

Man, you are ON FIRE! Coolest chick ever!!!

BLACKOUT said...

dude, i like this one more than the vampire hottie. love the expression and the colour. also if you arent planning on keeping the shag then id be happy to take it off your hands when you come back home. stay fresh gweibro

Martin said...

I love your native american chick!
See you Saturday!

Michelle Hilden said...

This might be my favorite of all time!!!
(Unntil the Fishman disguised as a fairy is here)

igl said...

super>miau>vollekanne>saugeil !!!
s-sexy ! wahoooooooooooooooo...!!

Deer Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that rules were made to be followed! Since you put it that way though, damn the system!

Thorofasius said...

Too sweet!

FIVETWO said...

dude, i just did a indian girl too, its so funny how different our stuff is!